I'm so glad you're here!

Do you like coffee? I certainly do (probably more than I should!). 

I like to imagine that with each of these posts, we are sitting together enjoying deep and satisfying conversation with a coffee in hand. If that was the case, then you'd probably already know that I am a BIG DREAMER, who loves God, people, and is learning how to live life well. I'm on a quest - of sorts - to build a life that is happy, healthy and whole in mind, body, spirit and soul. And I'm inviting you to come along with me.

After spending years ignoring signs of burnout, overcoming back-to-back illnesses and feeling the pressures of  being who everyone else wanted me to be, I have finally slowed down enough to start over again. Not from scratch, but with mindful intention, choosing to grow forward in building a life that is mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy. 

Welcome to the Wellness Pursuit! 

May we both reach the goal of building lives that are happy, healthy and whole!


Hello, I'm Bek